"iN THE CAR" | Coming Soon

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Ok, FAM-Base, we're back with another slapper; this time, we drop off the "In The Car" video from our FIND YOUR TRiBE EP3. This is some next-level stuff, folks - a dope cut about "City Boys" in the 'Burbs doing their thing.
If you ain't bumpin' "In The Car" yet, tighten up!. Hit play and get with the TRiBE, because UglyFace is where it's at, baby! We're all about building a community of people who have been through the struggle and are still standing strong. We're proud to be rocking our FIND YOUR TRiBE merch. These t-shirts, hoodies, and beanies aren't just clothes - they're a statement of solidarity.
So don't sleep, folks. Check out "In The Car" and get with the TRiBE. UglyFace is the real deal; we're here to bring you the truth. #UglyFace #FINDYOURTRiBE



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