UglyFace | "iN THE CAR" - Energetic Hip-Hop Track Reflecting on Life Choices

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Introduction: Listen up, everyone! You need to check out UglyFace's latest track, "iN THE CAR," featured in their FIND YOUR TRiBE EP3. This dope cut takes you on a journey with the "City Boys" in the suburbs doing their thing, and let me tell you, these boys ain't playing around. Shout out to Aric Jones, Aaron Temple, Andre Mosley, and Kev Dukes for keeping it real and spitting fire. If you haven't bumped this track yet, you're missing out on some real talk. Hit play and join the TRiBE because UglyFace is where it's at, baby! #UglyFace #FINDYOURTRiBE

Key Details:

  • Song Name: iN THE CAR
  • Artist: UglyFace
  • Project: iN THE CAR
  • BPM: 80
  • Producer: UglyFace
  • Label: UglyFace Music
  • Hometown: Tracy, CA
  • Genre: Rap/HipHop
  • Mood: Energetic, Hypnotic, Druggy
  • Emotion: Indignant / Defiant, Triumphant / Heroic

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Description: "iN THE CAR" by UglyFace is a must-listen track from their FIND YOUR TRiBE EP3. Immerse yourself in the energetic, hypnotic, and druggy vibes of this hip-hop gem, where UglyFace takes you on a ride with the "City Boys" in the suburbs, showcasing their authentic style and lyrical prowess. This track is all about keeping it real and embracing their unique identity. Don't sleep on UglyFace; they are here to make waves in the hip-hop scene.

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πŸš€ Don't miss out on the powerful vibes and captivating storytelling of UglyFace's "iN THE CAR." Stream the track now and join the TRiBE that is propelling them to new heights in the hip-hop scene.

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