UglyFace "Ridin Slow" 🎵 [Remastered]


Immerse yourself in the resonant vibes of "Riding Slow [Remastered]" by UglyFace, a track that melds the essence of Rap/HipHop, Pop, and LoFi HipHop into a captivating auditory experience. This version takes the rhythmic pulse of the streets and infuses it with a modern twist, set against the backdrop of Tracy, CA. With a heart-pounding beat of 156 BPM and maintaining an energy level of 5, the song masterfully balances high-energy rhythms with laid-back lyrical delivery.

"Riding Slow [Remastered]" delivers an engaging story of contrasts—between past loves and current flames, vintage vibes and contemporary sounds, all while cruising through the city with "speakers bleeding on the city." UglyFace uses vivid imagery and sharp, contemplative lyrics to draw listeners into a world where nostalgia and modernity coexist. The repeated lines "Said my new bitch pretty like my old school Chevy, riding real slow" not only echo through the track but also encapsulate the essence of the narrative, bridging memories of the past with the realities of the present. The song is a showcase of UglyFace's unique ability to blend storytelling with music production, creating a space where listeners can feel the breeze of the night air and the pulse of streetlights blurring past. It's a perfect tune for those reflective drives or when you're simply vibing out at home, contemplating the complexities of life and love. Experience the deep, melodic bass and crisp snares as they lay the groundwork for a lyrical journey through relationships, betrayal, and personal growth. "Riding Slow [Remastered]" isn't just a track; it's an introspective ride through the emotional landscapes of an artist who is as raw and real as the beats he produces. Dive into this remix for a taste of UglyFace's innovative approach to hip hop and a fresh take on the genre that respects its roots while pushing its boundaries. 🎤🏯🎵 | Email: | Phone: (209) 214-9840


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