UglyFace "Bushwick Ave Beat" 💿🎵


"UglyFace’s 'Bushwick Ave Beat Tape' is a vibrant sonic journey through the life of an artist. Each of the 12 tracks, with BPMs ranging from 68 to 150 and energy levels from 2 to 6, captures different facets of the urban experience, from the introspective late nights to the fast-paced days.


The album weaves together Rap, HipHop, Pop, and LoFi HipHop, creating a tapestry that reflects the everyday hustle and bustle. Produced by UglyFace and emerging from Tracy, CA, this collection is not just music; it’s a narrative of perseverance, creativity, and the complexities of relationships set against the backdrop of city life." "This project represents a moment of time living at 849 Bushwick Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. It’s the energy and mood of the everyday hustle and bustle." - Aaron Temple

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