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Introduction: Welcome to the soul-stirring world of UglyFace's latest project, "WASTiNG TiME." This California-based group continues to mesmerize music enthusiasts with their unique blend of rap and hip-hop. Join them on a journey through the breathtaking beauty of the California mountains in their simplistic yet captivating music video for "WASTiNG TiME," featuring the heartfelt performance of Andre Mosley. Let the serene backdrop and soothing melodies transport you into a state of introspection and reflection, where you'll discover the essence of cherishing every moment and embracing the present. Experience the tranquility and determination to make every second count with UglyFace and Andre Mosley.


Key Details:

Song Name: WASTiNG TiME Artist Name: UglyFace Project Name: WASTiNG TiME BPM: 87 Producer: UglyFace Label: UglyFace Music Hometown: Tracy, CA Genre: Rap/HipHop Mood: Hopeful, Patient, Yearning Emotion: Longing, Frustration, Determination

Description: Escape to the scenic California mountains with UglyFace's music video for "WASTiNG TiME," featuring Andre Mosley. Embrace the tranquility and soul-stirring performance as Andre Mosley passionately sings about the significance of living in the present and cherishing every moment. The captivating visuals and soothing melodies transport you into a state of introspection, evoking feelings of hope, determination, and a yearning for fulfillment. Join UglyFace and Andre Mosley on this profound journey of self-realization, making every second count and celebrating the essence of life.

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