UglyFace Presents "What's Going On": A Laid-Back, Joyful Hip-Hop/R&B Journey


Introduction: Join UglyFace on a mesmerizing musical journey with their latest release, "What's Going On." This captivating hip-hop/R&B track, produced by UglyFace themselves, exudes laid-back vibes and a joyful atmosphere. Hailing from Tracy, CA, UglyFace brings their unique talent and perspective to the forefront, creating a jazzy, fresh, and cool experience that will transport you to the summertime moments of New York.

Experience the Vibes: Immerse yourself in the smooth flows and clever wordplay of UglyFace as they paint a vivid picture of carefree moments in the summertime. The infectious rhythm and melodic hooks of "What's Going On" will have you nodding your head and feeling the groove. Let the lyrics resonate with youthful energy and a carefree spirit, while enjoying the laid-back and chilling mood that permeates the track.

Discover UglyFace's Talent: UglyFace, consisting of skilled artists and producers, has carved their path in the rap/hip-hop scene. Their dedication to creating unique blends of hip-hop and R&B is evident in every track they release. With "What's Going On," UglyFace adds another standout addition to their diverse discography. Embodying the essence of summertime in New York, this track is perfect for laid-back gatherings, chilling with friends, or simply vibing to the rhythm of life.


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Conclusion: Don't miss out on this captivating release from UglyFace. Let the jazzy, fresh, and cool vibes of "What's Going On" uplift your spirits and transport you to the summertime ambiance of New York. Follow UglyFace on their social media channels and stay tuned for more exciting releases from this talented rap/hip-hop collective.

Remember to tap into the jazzy, fresh, and cool vibes of UglyFace's "What's Going On" by streaming it on your favorite music platforms. Experience the laid-back, joyful atmosphere that will have you grooving and craving for more. Join UglyFace on their musical journey and be part of their growing fanbase.

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