FIND YOUR TRiBE EP.4 | The Final Episode

Find Your TRiBE

UglyFace's "FIND YOUR TRiBE EP4" is the fourth thrilling installment in a groundbreaking podcast/album hybrid project that pushes artistic boundaries and explores the multifaceted world of modern hip-hop and R&B. This project is a sonic journey through the mind of UglyFace, offering an intimate glimpse into their life, thoughts, and the diverse range of emotions that fuel their creativity.

Building on the success of previously released singles "What's Going On," "Butterscotch," and "Apple Tree," this album weaves together 18 tracks that take listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. UglyFace's lyricism is nothing short of awe-inspiring, with each song offering a unique perspective on themes like ambition, self-awareness, camaraderie, and overcoming life's challenges.

From the electrifying anthem "HiGHER CEiLiNGS," which boldly proclaims ambition and the pursuit of greatness, to the contemplative and introspective tracks like "Don't Talk Down On My Boy FYT" and "Hindsight FYT," UglyFace's storytelling prowess shines through. With their signature blend of lyrical skill, heartfelt reflection, and a dash of humor, they craft songs that resonate on a deeply personal level.

The collaborative effort with legendary DJ Toure on "WOKE UP w TOURE" adds a layer of West Coast authenticity and sunny vibes to the project. It's a musical journey that captures the essence of California, where peaches grow on beaches, marijuana is legal, and each day begins with thoughts of weed and breakfast.

But "FIND YOUR TRiBE EP4" is more than just music. It's a podcast too, where UglyFace opens up about life's complexities, the pursuit of self-awareness, the power of friendship, and the challenges of navigating a world filled with contradictions. These candid conversations add depth to the album, providing context and insight into the artist's creative process.

This hybrid project blurs the lines between music and spoken word, offering listeners a 360-degree view of UglyFace's world. It's a testament to their versatility as an artist and their commitment to pushing boundaries in the world of hip-hop and R&B.

In "FIND YOUR TRiBE EP4," UglyFace invites you to join them on a musical and emotional journey like no other. It's an album that celebrates ambition, self-discovery, and the power of authentic storytelling. Tap into the world of UglyFace, find your tribe, and let the music and conversations in this project inspire and uplift you. Tap in and follow UglyFace on all platforms | Email: | Phone: (209) 214-9840


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